Crabs, Lunch and Family Time

Last Friday, my uncle Eric came into to. Eric is actually my father’s cousin, but we have called him Uncle Eric my whole life. He lives in Illinois and I usually only get to see him for about one week sometime in December. He fits into our family so well, and I often wish he lived tons close.

To celebrate his arrival here, we picked up some crabs and had cooked crab with lemon butter, fresh sourdough bread, and lovely sauvignon blanc for a great family lunch. I named the crabs Jerry, Samantha, Oliver and Tommy right before we cooked em!

A Crab-by Lunch A Crab-by Lunch


Having crabs for lunch in early december is one of my favorite family moments, and I have fond memories of it dating back to about middle school, which is about when I discovered i loved crab.

Have any family activities or moments that you look forward to each year?