Bachelorette Cruise in Kaua’i

About a week after my birthday my family and I flew to Hawaii for my cousin’s wedding. My cousin and her now husband live in Hawaii, so it was a destination wedding for only my side of the family, as the groom and his family are native Hawaiians. I took a few days off for the wedding to help with the prep.

I must admit, the combined stress of school, BTSA, and graduate school was getting to me, so having a glorious five days off was exactly what this girl needed.

The day that I arrived was both the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, which was a boat ride around the Napali Coast side of the island. It was windy, choppy, but unbelievably beautiful.

I believe watching the glorious sunsets might be favorite part of vacations, simply because at home I don’t often have the time to just sit and watch. What’s your favorite part of vacation?