Summer in Tahoe

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes it’s hard for me to let myself take a break. I get too caught up in my to-do lists, going to the gym, seeing friends, and all sorts of other random things that suck my weekend time away.

One of the places where I alway feel like I can relax and tuck my phone away is in Tahoe. This past weekend the whole family went up to Tahoe and spent a delightful few days away from regular life.

On Tuesday, we went out on the boat and fished. Errr, at least attempted to fish! Instead my brother and father tangled lines while I drove the boat. Although we didn’t catch anything, it was a great day, with tons of family time and belly laughs.

Summer in TahoeSummer in Tahoe Summer in Tahoe

When in Tahoe: We sleep in, cook tasty food, take in the mountain air, hike up the hills behind our house, and spend some time near and on the lake. Although for most of the weekend it was toasty warm, it rained on Tuesday, and it cooled the cabin down considerably.

Summer in TahoeSummer in TahoeSummer in Tahoe
I love it when it rains in the summer.I breathe in the clean, fresh smell of the air and wish I could bottle it. I adore the sound the rain makes and wish it could rain every night. It doesn’t rain often here in California, but when it does it’s something pretty special.

What’s your favorite part about summer? What do you look forward to all year long?