Kiel James Patrick

Over the last year I have watched this fantastic company called Kiel James Patrick grow. Run by Kiel and his girlfriend Sarah Vickers, and their team of friends make bracelets, belts, shirts and purses all in their adorable factory. Sarah has a blog called Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and has fantastic style. Recently they gained Brooks Brothers as their sponsor, which means I can wander into the Brooks Brothers here on this coast and peek at some of their products. I purchased this bracelet in March, and this bag in July. I love both.

Cape-Spencer-Approaches photo

They have released all sorts of cute bow bracelets and I need some help making up my mind. Which ones do you like? Which one would go with the most outfits?

Adirondack Hammock



Bershon and Berkshire

Bershon and Berkshire

Dapper Huey

Dapper Huey

Scarlett O'Hara

Scarlett O’Hara

Mailey Darlington

Mailey Darlingtonbracelet images are from the Kiel James Patrick website.

These bracelet images are from the Kiel James Patrick website.


Can you tell I love polka dots?!

Which one do you like the best? Help me make up my mind!



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