Cold Weather but Warm Toes

I love that it is boot season!

Lately the weather here has been all over the map. Typical crazy California weather! It is cold in the mornings (like 40) and warms up to about 70-75 during the day. I feel like I should change my outfit just because of how warm and sunny it gets in the afternoon.

So, I wear lots of layer to combat this weird weather. I’ll often have a cardigan, jacket and or fleece with a skirt and boots.

But I have noticed that some of my socks from last year are looking…a little too well-loved. This is only my second season wearing boots, I know, I was late to join the trend!

I have started to keep an eye out for cute socks as I only have a few pairs of knee high and want to have options for the whole week. Especially as I plan to hunt for more cute boots. You can never have too many pairs of shoes, right?

I have seen these cuties online, but I might have to check them out in person to see if they are as soft as they look!



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What do you think is the best to wear with boots? How long do your long socks usually last? Where is the best place to get some cute socks?

Ps. I also got the super cute ring-holder from my mum’s best friend, photos coming soon!



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