The Help, Dress Pants, and My Bow Ring

On Sunday the Roomie and I watched the Help. I read the book a while ago and loved it, but hadn’t seen the movie. I am a fan of Emma Stone, so she was the real reason I had wanted to see it. The acting was fantastic and the storyline was touching. It was a great way to spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon snuggling with the pups.

The Help

The Help

As a substitute I was able to get away with a casual wardrobe. But now that I am teaching full time at one school I have noticed how formal the rest of the staff is. They rock the formal attire.  I look nice, more dressy than anything else, but definitely not business casual all the time.

So friends, tell me the skinny. Where is the best place to buy dress pants? Typically I avoid them because I don’t feel like I know how to buy a pair that fits well. If you have a favorite pair, where are they from? What do you like about them? I know that I want them with belt loops, because I almost never wear the two pairs I have because they lack beltloops.  Suggestions on how they should fit, colors you love wearing, how to know if they fit will all be greatly appreciated!!

My Kate Spade ring arrived Monday, and I love it! Thanks for convincing me to get it, it makes me feel so elegant! (If you missed that post, I talked about this ring here)