Horchata,Lemon Bars, Rings, and Inspiration

Yesterday in the midst of the baking frenzy I started a batch of horchata going. The recipe is by David Lebovitz one of my fave’s and I love making a batch over the weekend to keep me happy during the busy weekdays.  The recipe is the kind you start one day and finish it the next. I am looking forward to a big glass of this later on. Yum!

Today was another day full of baking. An old high school friend has her wedding coming up next weekend. She asked a few of us to make desserts as they decided not to go with a wedding cake for everyone, and instead are doing small bites. So I tackled the third trial run of macaroons (the most successful to date!) and the first trial run of the lemon bars for the wedding. While they turned out tasty they will need some tinkering, so they might be made again this week before the final batch is due on Saturday.

Our tasty macaroons.

Our tasty vanilla macaroons.

This is how they will be served at the wedding on Saturday.

This is how they will be served at the wedding on Saturday. Cute yes?

This silly pup kept us company the whole day, and had a grand time catching all the crumbs. We tired him out eventually!

The Crash monster finally tired enough to sit in his bed.

The Crash monster finally tired enough to sit in his bed.

After dinner, I was sitting on my bed finishing signing all the paperwork for my new job. It was such a large pile, that eventually Nala got covered up. (She loves being covered; the sheets, warm laundry, my paperwork!)

The roomie got a kick out of the paperwork on Nala.

The roomie got a kick out of seeing all the paperwork on Nala.

I keep coming back to this classy little ring (i really like it in rose gold). Normally I wear a ring on each hand. On one, I wear my graduation ring, recent Christmas Gift from my Dad. On the other I have an owl (I’ve always loved owls and other fowl jewelry) from Therapy. Therapy is this chain near us with a few locations in Palo Alto and another in Los Altos. But this ring would be such a nice touch for whenever I wanted to dress up a bit. What do you think?

Kate Spade- Skinny Mini Bow Ring

Kate Spade- Skinny Mini Bow Ring

I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and I like everything about it, the pearls, the gold, the calligraphy, everything!

I love this.

I love this.

What is your favorite quote? Anything that makes you feel like you can tackle anything? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

(For me, it usually involves Kate Spade, I love everything about it!)



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