Beaches, Tahoe, Summer Salads, Macaroons and Silly Songs

My roommate and I drove up to Tahoe to join my family in a relaxing three day weekend. The cabin is normally our retreat, where we eat, sleep, watch T.V. and recuperate. It was nice to breathe fresh mountain air, and enjoy a simple life for a few days.

Chimney Beach

Chimney Beach

On Sunday my father and I drove home. We stopped at one of our local haunts, a fantastic pizza joint in downtown Sacramento called Hot Italian. We enjoyed a tasty summer salad and a lovely pizza.

Peaches, gorgonzola, almonds, and balsamic dressing.

Peaches, Gorgonzola, almonds, balsamic dressing.

Today I did a dry run of making macaroons. Now, I have never made them before, but I have done a bit a baking. While my ambition was high, so was the temperature in my kitchen. While the taste of our finished product was delicious, I will work on perfecting the look of the macaroon, which I think was affected by the extreme heat on this late August day.

Vanilla Macaroons

In other news, I recently found this talented photographer who takes stunning work with an Iphone. You’ll have to check it out to really believe it.

Lachlan Payne is one fantastic photographer.

I‘ve also become slightly obsessed with this accoustic song: Just try it