Life Lately : January

Lake Tahoe

Hello Friends!

School has been keeping me busy. We had our semester end over MLK weekend which I enjoyed with some friends up in Tahoe, I’ve been out of town more weekends that I was home in January, and I’m been working on a course submission to College-board to get one of my classes approved as an academic course and moved into the school-day.

I went to an engagement dinner for a close family friend, which was so much fun and I can’t wait to help her plan and organize her fall wedding up in the City. My besty and I also drove down to L.A and spent the weekend at Disneyland and Universal Studios with near perfect weather. And this past weekend I went up to the city to explore.

MLK Weekend in Tahoe

MLK Weekend in Tahoe


The Castle at Disneyland

Day in the City

San Francisco

Mine has been jam packed, but is going strong. I’ll do a much bigger post on Disneyland soon!

So, how was your January? Pretty good start to 2017?