On my Radar for November

This month I have found so many great things, most of them oddly enough architectural or interior design. I love reading DIY blogs and HGTV, so these articles come as no surprise to me as good choices for things that have caught my interest.

White House

[1] Inside the Obama’s White House

The Obamas were a refreshing change of pace to have as the First Family. 8 years of no scandals, no splashy newspaper about family drama or cheating scandals. They have lead our country with grace and kindness, and this peek into their deeply personal home is a fun treat. They really took the space and made it their own with bold color choices in wall color, furniture and modern & abstract art. They are a truly inspirational family, and these photographs of their home and how they “tweaked” the White House to reflect them is a delight to view.

Photo from Link Here

Photo from Link Here

[2] Autumn Infused Water

This looks really delicious and oddly simple. I plan on making a batch of this after hitting up my local farmers market for some organic apples this weekend. I love a good refreshing fruity water.

[3] Old SchoolHouse Renovated into a Home

Guys, this house is terminally cute. I love that they renovated it with a nod to the past, while still updating it to current needs of the couple. I would love staying there! It would make for some epic Insta photos, am I right?

[4] 4 Sisters over 40 Years

I would love to have this done for me when I was a kid, all the beautiful memories these sisters must have after all these years. The photographer has such a strong artistic style while still capturing each sister’s personality.

[5] Atlanta Garden 

This garden is truly an oasis. I would love to have something like this in my yard, but who am I kidding? I don’t like dirt or gardening, so really I just want someone to help me magically make my garden like this. (#ikilledmycactus)

So, hows your November going?