Recently I’ve been eyeing dinnerware at almost every store I wander into. I got a set of plates from my Aunt when I went off to college, but after a variety of room-mates and I here and there breaking a plate or two over the years, I’m down to a lonely few.

And while I have a set of fine china that I’m drooling over and would love to buy at a later point, I think I would better use a simple set of white everyday plates that I can throw into my dishwasher and not have to wash by hand.

So, I have a few options that I’m looking over. Give them a peek and I’d love to hear which ones you like, and which set I should get.


Otella Bone China

Otella Bone China

I like the look of these, but wonder if they have real heft to them, and I’m not sure I really need a full set that includes mugs (as I have a wildly abundant mug collection, so do I really need four more white mugs?)


Round Beaded Rim

Round Beaded Rim



really like the idea of hand picking exactly the amount of plates that I want. But I’m not sure this is the most cost effective option. I would really only prefer to have a smaller amount of larger dinner plates, and more small salad plates and bowls. I also feel confident about this brand being around for a while and if I break one or two I can replace them easily. These first two choices are also the only plates I liked with a simple decorative element.

Maxwell & Williams Cosmopolitan


I really like how flat these bowls are. I would say that is one of the attributes I do like about the set that I have right now is that the bowls stack really well in the dishwasher, and I have had others that don’t.

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton

All photos from linked websites

I like the look of these plates, but wonder if they might feel too modern (the bowl esp.) in my tiny out-dated apartment. I am hoping to stop by both stores (Bed Bath & Beyond/Target) sometime in the next week to see how these sets feel in person!

Any of these sets you liked? What do you have currently as your go-to dishes?