A Short Walk


Staff photosA few weeks ago, we had our professional development day at our sister school in Hayward. We usually meet up once every other month for a jam-packed day of discussion. I personally love and hate these days. Although the drive up north there is long and trafficky, it really makes me value my short commute to my regular school (10 minutes!) the next week. I also love spending the afternoon talking with the other three art teachers, as I am the lonely department of one at my site.

Typically, we take an afternoon walk during the last few minutes of lunch to grab some caffeine. I love savoring the fresh air and sunshine as we walk to the one block to get our department beloved Coca-Colas. It has now become an art department tradition, which makes me look forward to these every-other-month workdays a little bit more.

We had our last PD of the school year right before spring break, and I will miss these silly people over summer. Until we meet again the fall my fellow crazy art teachers!

Do you have any fun work traditions that you enjoy? Anything fun or small that helps break up the workday?