Hot Summer Nights

After a fun two weeks on the East Coast, it was nice to settle back in to my little apartment. We celebrated a belated Father’s day with some fun zip-lining in Santa Cruz and some delicious pizza!

I had received word over my trip that I would need to move classrooms, so I then beat it over to work where I spent a long, hot sweaty day moving and boxing up all my art supplies, books and wall decorations. I took a commemorative photo before I packed everything up. Goodbye LPS 17, hello LPS 3! My new room is quite messy, but once it’s all shipshape I will post some pictures of it.

LPS 17 LPS 17

Annie had a delicious dinner party.

Dinner Parties Dinner Parties

And we survived a week of wicked hot temps here in SJ. I mostly stayed indoors and kept my new AC unit going full blast. (What should I name it?!)

So hot

After it cooled a bit, I started a project that I had been itching to tackle. Painting a walnut bookshelf a new pretty color! I had Robert help me sand it, and then I painted it a beautiful grey-blue. That middle part is a makeshift desk with cute cubbies.



I feel like I packed so much fun stuff into this summer, yet still made time to relax and sleep. Overall, it was the best summer in a while! I can’t believe its August already, and work starts again Monday. How was your summer? Did you do all that you wanted to?