Spruce Point Inn

Due to a mix-up with dates and hotels, we ended up driving a bit north after Kennebunkport, and stayed the night at a gorgeous resort call Spruce Point Inn. I have never had any inclinations or thoughts of planning a wedding, but if I were that kind of girl, this place would probably be #1 on my list!

We had an unbelievably great sunset that night. Like I could not stop taking pictures the light was so pretty. I now see the appeal of East Coast summers, as my mother has always said are pretty grand.

Spruce Point Inn Spruce Point Inn Spruce Point Inn Spruce Point Inn

In the sunshine of the next day I wandered around Spruce Point, where they seemed to have everything. Built in the late 1800’s by the Marston Family initially as a tea house and inn. After WW2, renovations happened and new buildings were added. In 1957 the property changed hands, and was updated with a pool, a golf course, and a protective wall added to the lower beach. While we were there, two weddings were scheduled for the upcoming weekend!

Both my father and I agreed it would be fun to bring my mom and brother back here for a fun easy week.

Spruce Point InnSpruce Point Inn Spruce Point InnSpruce Point Inn

Spruce Point Inn seemed to have everything. It was built along a protected cove, which seemed perfect for kayaking and going out on the resort’s sailboat. They had two restaurants within the main building, tennis courts, a spa for the ladies, a salt-water pool, hot tub, bikes,even  a game room for the kids.

We walked the mile and a half down and across a bridge into the little town called BoothBay Harbor.

Boothbay Harbor


The town was fun to wander around for a few hours and seemed to have charming shops. I purchased a few knick-nacks for my apartment and my dad got a coffee-mug. I think a family could easily enjoy a variety of activities here, they seemed to have something for everyone!

I hope I can convince my family to go back and spend a week there next summer!