Pups, Fancy Friday,and the Bacon Festival

Prepare yourselves: it’s a long photo-filled glorious post!

My roommate has two adorable labs. We brought them out to California in June/July and they are great company. Reeces is 9 years old and is a chocolate Lab. She is also the mother of Nala, who is a yellow lab. Nala is 4 years old. Both dogs are friendly and play well with my brothers dog Crash. Crash is just over a year old, and is a Belgian Malinois.

Reeces and Nala in Crash's bed.

Reeces and Nala in Crash’s bed.


Crash! Isn’t he beautiful?

Nala loves to relax in my room, and in particular on my bed. She has become rather attached to one of my stuffed animals.

Nala loves my dinosaur teddy bear.

Nala loves my dinosaur teddy bear.

It was a very busy weekend. Thus the radio silence since my post on Friday morning. Friday evening a group of us dressed in our Sunday best gathered for a glass of wine at my parents house. I’m hoping this becomes a regular thing, but we shall see! After tasting a lovely chardenay, we went over to Sweet Tomatoes for a bite to eat. Robert documented our loveliness and produced these fine things:


Fancy Friday 1

Fancy Friday 1

The short one-AKA the roommate.

Fancy Friday 2-The short one-AKA the roommate.

On Saturday the whole family, both roommates and I went down to the premiere Bacon Festival in San Jose. We waited in long lines and then chowed down on some seriously tasty bacon filled tidbits. My favorite was the garlic and bacon fries.

The family, roommates and I.

The family, roommates and I.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Are you enjoying this long weekend?