Colorado, weddings and a gorgeous sunrise

On Friday I flew to Colorado for an old friend’s wedding in Estes Park. I was nervous heading into the weekend, as I would only know the groom out of all the wedding guests.

Fortunately enough, I car-pooled with two other people on the hour-long drive from the airport to our hotel. Bryant, the groom, was on the men’s gymnastics team at Stanford, and his fiance was on the women’s team. I ended up having a fantastic time because the driver of my car was kind and invited me to tag along with her for basically the whole weekend as we hung out with the men’s team. This large group of rowdy men accepted my presence with astonishing ease and made the whole weekend a lot of fun with their silliness and skilled dancing.

I had a mild freak out when I was getting ready and realised I have lost weight. My strap-less dress was precariously loose! Fortunately I had safety pins and performed emergency surgery on my dress. I grabbed my wrap and I was good to go.

The wedding was at a beautiful outside garden that was part of Della Terra Chateau. Everyone looked their best, the average age was 25 and most were nationally ranked gymnasts. The food was great, the DJ picked good songs, and we danced until they kicked us out at 11. I took an early A.M shuttle and I am nibbling on an Einstein Bagel and chai while waiting for my flight. This fantastic weekend was just a breath of fresh mountain air, and I loved every minute of it.

The view from our hotel was amazing!

The view from our hotel was amazing!

photo-6 2

The Della Terra Chateau was so beautiful!


This was the view from our hotel.


The sunrise this morning at the Denver Airport made my early start worth it.

Have you gone to any weddings this summer? Where was your favorite wedding? What did you wear and what food did they serve?


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