On My Radar

Hello! We made it to Wednesday. This is my first full week of school with my kiddos, and so far it’s going great. There have just been so many good things going on lately with friends, family and work. These are recipes, videos and photos that have popped up on my screen lately.


Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Sangria

I have a girls dinner that I’m just starting to plan for next month, and a friend passed this recipe along. I might have to make a test bath before my event! It looks delicious.


The Cinematic Age

A few friends have posted compilations of their wedding videos. I find them so touching and sweet. I found this one and love everything about it.


The Best of Tumblr: 

My best friend A sent me this super cute photograph of dogs holding tennis balls in their mouth, and this user has the best posting. I particularly love this one, but they have a lot of great things on their account.


Studio McGee

I’ve been following this brand on instagram and their blog for a while now, but they just started doing videos, and I’m hooked. They are both so cute, and their designs are impeccable. I would love to use them, if I ever buy a house. You can watch their first video here!


Olympic Commentary Fail

I have watched this so many times, and every time it cracks me up. This is typically my level of understanding of each sport I watch.


Hope your week is going well! Have any fun plans for the long weekend?




Happy Friday

My roommate and I drove down to San Luis Obisbo last Saturday to attend a friend’s wedding at Santa Margarita Ranch. It was warm and sunny. The wedding was beautiful! There were people at the wedding that we knew from our bible study group, so we had a blast eating and dancing with them.

The reception was in a barn!

The reception was in a barn!

So yesterday my roomie and I hit the road and joined my parents at our house in Lake Tahoe. Today we went to the beach and relaxed with my brother’s pup by the water. It was a clear day with warm sunshine. It was a lovely last day at the beach before school starts next week.

We went to Chimney Beach, and hiked down to it from the highway.

We went to Chimney Beach, and hiked down to it from the highway.

A friend showed me this amazing video and I was completely blown away. Watch it!

NIGHTVISION from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

I’ll hopefully post more photos of Tahoe later this weekend!