New Beginnings

Willow Glen

I’ve been in my little apartment in Willow Glen for 2.5 years now. I initially picked the apartment based on a few factors: it was close to LPS, it was a 1 bedroom with a kitchen, and it was in my budget. It was exactly what I needed for the last few years but recently the environment on my little street has been less than ideal in terms of safety.

After talking things over with my friends (big shoutout to Kim and Alli for being great listeners) and my mom, I started looking for an apartment a little closer to friends and family. I had wrapped my mind around potentially moving, and set up a few apartment showings a few days after returning from Tahoe.

The first apartment I looked at was crazily enough, in my budget and just down the street from my babysitting family and two of my good friends. Apartments in the Bay Area go so quickly due to the high demand, and so I called my mom  to have her look at this new apartment before putting down a deposit that same day!! It was insane to get so lucky, but the first apartment was the one for me. I arranged movers and a truck, Mom and Cathy helped me move everything over to the new place on Monday.

After a few nights in the new place, I am confident that this was the right decision, even though it felt very stressful to move a week before starting work at a new school. But I decided that I’d rather move during summer than try to move during work, and it was totally the right call.

So, goodbye Willow Glen, it was a great 2.5 years, but I’m looking forward to being back in Santa Clara.

When was the last time you moved? What made you decide the new place was the right one?