Chaos, Engraved Pencils and Classroom Decorations

This week at work was insane!

Granted, I had been gone most of the previous week, but still! This week was all over the place between giving benchmark tests, CELDT testing/ PSAT testing, and grades due as the quarter ends Monday. I had put a lot of time in to get everything organised for Wednesday, which was the day the whole school was in testing.

Seniors worked on college apps and essays. Juniors took the PSAT test. Sophomores were with my CELDT team testing and Freshman were taking their annual PE test. It started off well, but then twenty minutes into testing everything exploded. Our CELDT booklets did not match our administration booklets,  which was a crucial step as much of the test is read aloud to the students. After running around like a chicken with my head cut-off our amazing district testing admin noticed that there were three testing versions in the book, and we were on the wrong one. With that simple fix we were back on track. I had spent so much time organising students, training my test proctors and sectioning out the answer sheets, test booklets and pencils that it never occurred to me to check that we had multiple versions. Oh well!

 For most of the week I have been working on getting my classroom settled. They will start on drawing a still life next week,  and I just finished backloading all the lessons we had done in the last four weeks into a while you were out binder. Additionally, BITSA and staff development has been taking up time as well. But on Friday I felt like I had finally found ground beneath my feet.

This whole week I have had a cold and this morning I finally gave in. I slept in till 10 (!!!) and it felt glorious. I swifferjet the apartment, tidied up my room, did laundry and ironed, baked banana raisin bread and cornbread. I watched Now You See Me and Iron Man 3 (i loved both of them!).

While watching tons of tv I looked over the internet for some fantastic wall art.

I have been loving these three!


One of my favorite thing used to be getting back to school supplies before school started. There is something about having engraved pencils, cute notepads, a fresh backpack and a rockin’ fall closet that makes the start of school that much better! These just keep popping again and again on my Pinterest and I love them all!

Have any suggestions as to where to get some great wall art? Any good band or art posters you just can’t get enough of?

Let me know where!

I hope you are taking a break and getting some you time this weekend!